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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: JOHO
Model Number: JOHO307


Handheld Thermal Imaging Binocular JOHO307

JOHO307 thermal imaging binocular is available to work at day and night at any harsh environment for solider excuting combat surveillance, target seraching, tracking and monitoring and other mission.

  • Search and rescue
  • Security monitoring
  • Portable law enforcement
  • Border security
  • Routine patrols

  • Live video recording with data and time for review and analysis
  • Long time working life
  • Smart size and light weight for easy carry
  • Easy operation

DR performance

DR Performance
Vehicle (2.3x2.3m)
Ship (5mx15m)
Detection range
≥ 2400m
Recognition range

Technical Data

Spectral band 8-14um
Detector 384x288
FOV 12.8°
Focus 55mm
Focusing range 20m-∞
Frame frequency: 25Hz
MRTD ≤ 0.5K
Starting time ≤ 10s
Video output PAL
Communication interface RS232 serial port
Image output CF card
Image storage ≥ 10000, recording time more than 2h.
Storage temperature -40° C-+60° C
Working temperature -40° C-+50° C
EMC GJB151A-97
Vibration, shock, temperature shock, heat humidity, dust, dipping GJB150
Salt-fog GJB4.11-1983.
MTBR ≥ 1000h
MTTR ≥ 20min
Power supply 12 VDC
Power dissipation ≤ 6W
Continuous working time ≥ 3h (one pare battery)
Dimension 200x144x84mm
Weight ≤ 1.5kg (not including battery)