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 material HDPE
-          Wall thickness. 2mm
-          Product weight: 100g
-          4-cavityes / X=200 / Y=200
-          Nozzle Hot tip
-           L=100

Anole hot runner X style manifold,For the injection molding system,manifold is the center part.When we design the manifold,we make mold-flow analysis to determine the runner size to make sure the best effctive.Manifold heat fast and well control the temperature.Anole manifold design are based on nature balance and rheology balance theory.Which can make sure the mold melt with reasonable shearing speed and allowable pressure lost.Anole designed and produced manifold,which are praised by changing color fast,easy heating,precision temperature control,runner banalance and other advantages.
 Using the qualitative die steel with small heat distortion,
※ There installs the imported heaters from Europe on the one side or two sides, to keep the temperature distribution balanced, and make the manifold easily protected and repaired.
※ The temperature controller designed specially for manifold is reasonably distributed on the manifold.
※ The design and process of the smooth runner ensures that there is no residuum on the manifold.
※ There is different sequential plastic-outlet position” 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32” for the manifold, to satisfy the different product requirements for different customers.
※ The effects will be better if combining with J type thermocouple and RMS smart temperature controller