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Gold Metal Detector GPX4500
GPX-4500 using  company's advanced "dual-voltage technology." Ensure balance for all types of ground, and accurately detect the highest sensitivity and maximum depth, GPX-4500 to move the probe and detection of a combination of static, when the detection of relatively large size of the metal plate when you do not need to move the probe , and to maintain the detection signal for some time. GPX-4500 system, there are three commonly used parameters of the built-mode selection, which can eliminate interference for the detection of different geological conditions, but also greatly improves the operation of the simplicity and convenience. Compensation process through dynamic signal, SETA to ensure the improvement and maintenance of stability limits, allowing you maximum efficiency in any condition to operate GPX-4500. With the new improved pulse detection, GPX-4500 can be found in a different situation on the ground metal , more convenient than ever.

Features Overview
Detection mode
Are full metal detection (GND Balance) and metal identification (Discrimination) modes, all-metal detection mode for all metal detectors are equal responsiveness, identify patterns in the metal, the only non-ferrous metals (such as gold, silver) reaction is very sensitive, you can rule out the iron.

Receive Gain
Receive gain function setting the overall level of detector sensitivity.Soil conditions in the temperate regions, you can increase the sensitivity in areas with poor soil conditions can reduce the sensitivity.

Balance mode
There are two operating modes: the external balance and internal balance, the original time you use the detector more moderate in the environment, you can use built-in balance mode.In most cases companies are recommended to use an external manual adjustment to balance mode, reducing environmental disturbance.

Parameter mode
System menu has a series of search modes to choose from.Including the stable, standards-based, sensitive type, user-defined type.The first three models to facilitate first-time users of metal detectors, custom-based detection can meet the senior user's preferences.Ensure that every user can detect a hobby easy access to company's metal detectors.

Target volume and alarm frequency
By controlling the built-in amplifier, the amount of the target signal. Through headphones and external speakers. The size of the target can also be used to reduce ground interference signals.
Sound the alarm with the target frequency can be varied in size and can easily distinguish the true and false signal detection signal.

Set the alarm metal
With the identification of metal proprietary technology, the machine is different from other companies, the biggest advantage is that similar equipment can distinguish the type of metal (ferrous and nonferrous metals), and can accurately identify the gold, you can identify the mode alarm set according to type of metal, such as gold or silver only alarm, this function menu in the ALARM METAL set.

Alarm equipment
By Alarm Device menu, you can select alarm output device, select Internal, the alarm sound can be from the battery box 6.35MM the headphone jack output; when selecting RF, the alarm sound can be sent via radio frequency to the random distribution wireless headset, and transmit frequency can be adjusted to avoid interference with surrounding electronic equipment, with the wireless headset may be reduced by the inconvenience of wired headsets.
1,       Depth:1~7m
2,       Signal Frequency:9.6KHz
3,       Audio Frequency : 400Hz
4,       Power Supply:DC12V( Built-in rechargeable battery)
5,       Power Consumption:0.8W
6,       Connecting Rod Length: 1.3m
7,       Coil dimension:40cm
8,       Net Weight:8Kg
9,       Gross Weight:10.5kg
10,    Package Size:600*360*160mm