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Roline Value USB 2.0 Docking Cable w/ Magnet, Black
Usb docking ball/USB Cable is an extension cable with one ports. Built intoan attractive base. Designed to provide user with a stable foundation to plug usb devices such as web cam, dan, usb light and other devices into a secured, upright position.

1. Easy usb part access on your desk
2. Usb extension cable for extending distance
3. Comply with usb2.0 version
4.Printing Logo available.
OEM welcome!

It is a very useful Usb Base Cable. It fits all the devices have USB A type connectors. Although the function of this cradle may looks the same as the USB cable, it can bring much more convenience!
  • Brand new.
  • The environment impacts the wireless signal a lot, You can put the docking at an open area to get good signal, not just stick to you computer, to get better signal for your wireless device.
  • USB device outstretches from your PC a little, and it may be easily hurt, it can protect your USB device.
  • After many times plug, the USB interface on the motherboard of your computer may be broken. With the help of the USB base, the USB interface on motherboard can be protected.
  • You do not need to stoop to use the USB interface. It can be beside your display. And also, it can be used as USB extension cable, for your USB mouse, USB pen drive and so on.
  • Fits all the devices that have USB connectors.
  • Plug in and use, no need of power source.
  • Length of cable: about1.5m (5.5ft).
  • Weight: about 0.140kg (a weighty Base to ensure the base stay safe).
Color: black or white

Package included:
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Cradle Docking base Extension Cable
  • 24 Months Warranty