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304/316 Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh(Anping Manufacturer) 

stainless steel wire mesh/304 stainless steel wire mesh/weaving stainless steel wire mesh/stainless steel woven wire mesh/stainless steel wire mesh cloth/plain weave stainless steel wire mesh/twill weave stainless steel wire mesh 

1.Standard:GB/T 5330.1-2000, GB/T 19628.2-2005 

2.Material of stainless steel wire mesh:  302, 304,304L, 316, 316L,321 

3.stainless steel wire meshWeave type:plain weave,twill weave,three heddle weave,five heddle weave,plain dutch weave,twill dutch weave,reverse plain dutch weave,reverse twill dutch weave. 

4.Roll sizes: Standard roll width: 1m-2m, Standard roll length: 30m-50m. 

5.Mesh size: 3-635mesh 

6.Wire gauge:0.25mm-4.0mm 

7.Characteristics of stainless steel wire mesh: 

(1) wear resistance, high strength, long life 

(2) high air permeability, good drainability, easy cleanability 

(3) high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance 

8.Packing of stainless steel wire mesh: inside with a moisture-proof wrapping paper or other packaging materials 

outside wooden boxes or wooden pallets available 

9.Application of stainless steel wire mesh: 

(1) widely used in aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry 

(2) scientific research and transportation industries     

(3) electroplating industry for pickling mesh, printing mesh 

(4)battery industry and a variety of sophisticated filtration products 

10.Usage:filter disc,filter cartridge,conical strainer,microphone head,test sieves,wire basket,battery mesh,coal washing mesh,window screen,paper making mesh,oil vibration screeen.