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Sales Promotion:You will get a profeestional drywall sander or dryall lift free base on twenty thousand pcs sander paper

100# Sander Paper with hole (Ten Holes. Six Holes)

1. Aluminium Oxide
2. Good quality with resonable price
3. Grits from 16#-1000#
4. For Wall, Metal, Wood, Marble, Stone, etc
It is a new invention of this drywall sander field, with some creative features, it has a good market potentiality.
Mainly polishing and grinding the surface of board and metal, piano board, leather, automobile, stone etc. Velcro disc with holes is better for the strips go out, so the work pieces can be harmed and there is no pollution
1)Excellent cut rate
2)High poshing efficiency
3)Resists clogging during use
4)Extended life, less downtime
5)Good grinding surface polishing