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Model Number: ACE-X110
Brand Name: ACE/OEM/Neutral
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Infrared: Human Body Infrared
Night Vision: Yes
Feedback: gsm mms photo video
DVR: CCTV Surveillance DVR
Frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ network & GPRS
Lens: 2M Pixel


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X-110 GSM MMS Photo Video Alarm Anti-burglary PIR infrared night vision CCTV DVR Mini DV Camcorder W/ GPRSPositiOning

X110 GSM MMS Photo Video Alarm PIR Night Vision Mini CCTV Surveillance DVR Camcorder GPRS Locating
X110 GSM MMS Photo Video Alarm PIR Night Vision Mini CCTV Surveillance DVR Camcorder GPRS Locating

Human body detection burglar alarm DV is an enhanced family-based theft protect alarm that we introduce grandly to the market in 2013, and it has the best performance-price ratio among current family-based burglar alarms, after technical breakthrough in all aspects, the product is much humanized and easy to operate.

the product is processed under strict quality control, following the tenets of our company, we provide a burglar alarm which keep users who have higher quality requirements on theft protection comfortable and out of worries.

this product is installed with original chips and has functions of real-time monitoring, single recording, MMS monitoring and so on. with characteristics of small size, stable performance, simple operation and fine appearance.

this product is an ideal selection for families, vehicles, storages, villas, ships, workshops, gardens, offices and the like, and it is not like faked products in market whose quality cannot be guaranteed due to low-quality chips and low costs.

Warning: When the electric charge of the alarm is inadequate (below 5%), please charge it in time. If the battery is kept in lack of electricity for a long time, the deep discharge of the battery will be influenced, which will affect the performance and service life of the battery, if serious, it will fail to charge or discharge. If the alarm is kept unused, just charge the battery to 60%-80%, and keep its power off; when the alarm is stored or not used for a long time (three months), please charge the alarm regularly so as to protect the battery. 


  • Mobile Phone Remote Monitoring 
  • Infrared Human Body Induction
  • Photo MMS Feedback           
  • Video MMS Feedback
  • Remote Environment Monitoring   
  • Remote Message Operation
  • Infrared Night Video Shoot        
  • Recording Videotape
  • TF Card Storage and Record
  • Work while Charging
  • for families, vehicles, storages, villas, ships, workshops, gardens, offices


  • Frequency:GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ network & GPRS
  • Lens:2M Pixels
  • Video format:AVI
  • Video resolution:320*240
  • Video frame rate:25FPS
  • Photo resolution:640*480
  • Storage card:max 32GB TF Card(TF Card not inclding)
  • Human body induction scope:5 meters
  • Monitoring scope:10 square meters
  • Infrared night video scope:8 meters
  • Battery capacity:500MAH
  • Charge voltage:DC 5V
  • Standby time:5-6 days
  • Work time: about 8 hours
  • Size:60x38x23MM
  • Clour:black

Operation Instructions:

1. First, apply for GPRS for a new SIM, otherwise, it is unable to use photograph and MMS normally;

2. Apply for Caller ID to SIM, otherwise, it is unable to use normally, as failure in identification of main control number, shoot and MMS,

3. Insert mini TF card, then insert GSM card into the SIM slot, at the moment, the green light will turn on, lasting 6s before lighting off, and the product will be ready to work. In case of camera shot, just insert TF card into TF slot (Note: TF Scope: 1G-32G) Close-down, take GSM card out of the slot.

4. Set main control number: write 000 in SMS and send to this product, after receiving, it will reply Welcome to use edog your number (mobile phone number of the user) has bind success!, and other numbers will not operate the product.


5. Remote MMS Feedback

A. MMS video feedback: write 111 in a SMS and send to this product, the product will record a 6-10s video about 95k and send to main control mobile phone.

B. MMS Photo Feedback: take the main control mobile phone, write 212 in a SMS and send to the equipment number, then the main control mobile phone will receive a MMS photo (when sending MMS photo, it will be backuped in the storage card as well)

C. MMS Photo Feedback and 30S Video Recorded: Write 211 in a SMS and send to this product, then the product will send a MMS photo to main control mobile phone, and record a 30s vide to store in TF card.

D. Human body induction photo-taken and Videotape started: write 661 in a SMS and send to this product, the human body induction will start, then the product will reply lrda is start, when there is body or object moving around the product, it will take photos automatically, with MMS feedback to main control mobile phone, and record 30s video as a file, if the storage card is inadequate, the earliest video and photo will be deleted automatically. while recording, if a new order is given, the new order will be executed, and continue after completion of it.

E. Human body induction photo-taking with videotape closed: write 662 in a SMS and send to this product to cancel the human body induction, then the product will rely lrda is stop.

6. Recording and Videotape: Write 222 in a SMS and send to this product, the product will record the optimal image quality and save it in TF card, before videotaping, it will reply video record is beginning! Pease send 333 to stop it later! To the user, and videotape with command.

7. Record and Videotape Stopped: Write 333 in a SMS and send to this product, or receive other SMS or command for stop from the user for stop, and it will reply video record save!.

8. Singe record: Write 555 in a SMS and send to this product to record with the reply sound record is beginning pease send 666 to stop it later.

Stop recording, write 666 in a SMS and send to this product, it will stop record and save, with the reply sound record save.

9. GPRS Orientation: Write DW in a SMS and send to this product, and the product will reply its current position.

10. Manual Record and Videotape: Press up Manual Videotape key for videotaping, press down to stop and save in TF card.

11. Environment Monitoring: Dial the number of card in the product, after several seconds, the user will hear sound the product (the product itself will produce no any sound or light in enquiry)

12. MMS account number setting: 888# state number


13. Auto Start when Charging: the product will start automatically when it connects with charger or power supply, a mobile phone card must be inserted before charge

Package contents:

  • 1 x GSM MMS Alarm DV
  • 1 x USB data line
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Universal Support
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Fixing Screw