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Fibreglass Gridding Cloth Mesh Size 14 * 14mm Roll Size 4" *100"
Materials: fiberglass, epoxy resin, etc.
Color: various
Thickness: from 2mm to 50mm
Diameter: 2mm ~ 50mm & Custom
Dimension: hollow or solid
Shape: round, oval, rectangular, triangular and custom shape,

1. Coated with fire proof resin, it could be used in the construction of fireproof architecture

2. It could also reinforce cement , plastic , bitumen, marble,, mosaic, etc.

3. It is an ideal engineering material in construction


1) Outdoor activities: tent Pole, kite Rod, arrow shaft, ski pole, fishing rod, golf shaft, sail batten, hockey stick, kick board, skate boards, paddle shafts, bows and arrows, crossbows, golf shafts, slide guides, boat, kayak
2) Tool: umbrella shaft, umbrella rod, curtain rod, fence post, rail, handrail, frame for cases and bags, flag pole, oil sucker rods, bolts, stair, ladder, greenhouse structures, scaffold, portable work platforms, cooling tower, luggage rack, window/door frame, sign post, bridge structure, bus bar supports, tool handles, bike flags, flag poles, floor gratings, shoe soles, protective cases for laptops and iPhones
3) Toys: model cars/planes/helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, formula-1 race car
4) Vehicle: motor top sticks, u-shaped motor stator wedges, service truck booms, snowmobile track stiffeners, high-end automobile components, bicycle frames, glider, microcar, bodyshell, wind turbine blade
5) Pipe: gutters, firewater/ cooling water /gas /drinking water/ waste water pipe
6) Building: roofing laminate, flat roof, door surrounds, over-door canopies, window canopies and dormers, chimneys, coping systems, insulators, cable conductor, cable tray, antenna, transformer air duct spacer sticks, cable support trays, switch actuators


The specification of Fiberglass screen

Technical Notes
Wire Gauge
Roll Size
Fiberglass I
12 x 12


3" x100"
4" x100"

Available in different colors

14 x 14
16 x 16
16 x 14

Other sizes available at your request.