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Coolbeam Zoom Spotlight Series imported latest world optical technique,which produces even illumination,makes you feel in a unique and real scenes on the stage.
Light body utilizes superior quality aluminum outer casting,excellent heat dissipation,lamp body temperature is 20% lower,therefore,the lamp life is longer.
The reflection system uses the precise ion plating film reflection bowl and the precise aspherical plano convex lens,which reflects over 95% of the visible source light forward and over 85% of the infrared ray and heats backward. This result is lower bulb temperature and longer service life.The luminosity of which is higher than 2000W ordinary lamp,the temperature of the brightness is 50% lower which is good at the lamp and filter.
Unique luminaire construction makes the maintenance and cleaning more easy. Adjust the lamp to the best position by focus system fast and effectively.
voltage: AC220V
Lamp: HPL575/HPL750
Socket: G9.5
Max. Ambient Temperature: <200℃
Max. Surface Temperature: <40℃
Min.Safe Interval:0.4m
Min.Throw Distance:1.5m
N.W: 7Kg     G.W: 8.5Kg     
Size: 68×24×24cm
Packing Size: 76×30.5×28cm