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Stainless steel Storage tank/
(1)This series storage tank is made of SUS304/316L
(2)the storage tank volume from 1000L-30000L
(3)The storage tank meets cGMP standard

Distilled Water Storage Tank
The horizontal distilled water tank series strictly tally with the 31st and 32ND clauses of 'Medicine Production Quality Management Norm— — CGMP General Principles' and is designed, manufactured and accepted according to the requirements of GB150-98'Steel Pressure Vessel' and JB/T4735-97 ' Steel Welding Normal Vessel'.

(1) Heat preservation material of the vessel adopts high-temperature resistant and anti- aging polyurethane blister or pearl cotton.

(2)Joints adopt international general ISO package chuck, inner container adopts imported stainless steel SUS316L or SUS304, internal surface is polished to Ra≤ 0.28μ M, and external surface polishing, mirror Polish, sand blasting or cold-rolled nature-color surface polishing. All is in accordance with cGMP medical standards.

(3)Orifice is set with level gauge (static- pressure type, capacitance type, non-contact type, ultra-sonic type and glass tube type), air respirator, thermometer (digital display type or dial plate type), CIP cleaning mouth, SIP sterilizing mouth, liquid entrance-exit gate and sanitary inlet.

(4)Volume Specification: 100L-30000L or to be designed and manufactured at customers' actual request.

(5)Relevant cGMP testing data are attached in the machine. (including ma-terial report, external COM-ponents certificate of quality and verification form).