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Puncture Resistant Kevlar Gloves (SW-505)

Cut Resistant Gloves 
This product is authentic American DuPont kevlar high cut-resistant fireproof fiber, forming high-density seamless knitting. Palm of natural latex coating greatly improves the cut-resistant gloves, stab, anti-wear and anti-slip performance; the back of the hand to open the back to the good air permeability.
  This subsection gloves cleaning the water for less than 40 degrees and can continue to use.
  This product does not contain any toxic, harmful substances, can be assured.
Payment Terms︰ TT/LC
Lead Time︰ 30 days
custom_attr13︰ Puncture Resistant Kevlar Gloves

ART NO: SW-505

manner of packing :

12 pair / bag , 120 pair / box