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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MK
Model Number: MKS-665


Working principle
The Independent Scrambler receives multi-program or single program transport stream according with
 the DVB demands, and then filters the empty packets and gets rid of the needless packet, and if
necessary, resets the identification mark of packet to provide the related program information for
follow-up processing. Take and process any received program specific information and service
information, and only scramble for the each useful program.
Main features
●Support scrambling of maximum 63 services. 
●The maximum output rate is 60Mbps.
●Support huge buffer memory, and resist the unexpected code stream.
●Support maximum 216Mbps of ASI input data channel.
●With Ethernet interface, the configuration parameters of the scrambler can be controlled remotely
through Network Manager to monitor the operating condition in real time.
●Support the high accuracy PCR correction function.
●Auto-Fill empty package and keep constant output code rate.
●Auto Identifying the packet format (188/244 bytes).
●Use LED, monitor the system situation and set the system parameter in real time.
●With the function of remembering the state and parameter when lose of power supply.