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The full-color 4.3-inch touch screen, with the image display function;Optical fingerprint device supports finger 360 degree identification;Support U disk, RS485, TCP / IP, Wifi (optional), GPRS (optional) means of communication;Supports fingerprint, password and ID card (optional), the the MI card (optional) (optional) HID card, phone card (optional) means of identification;Support alarm function, door function;Built-in back-up power, back-up power supply is enabled automatically after a power failure, can stand for three days;Professional access control function: direct control of door locks and door locks indirectly through the controller; 50 periods; real-time access to records sent directly to the Specify the server functions; to support advanced fingerprint recognition and multi-user combination to open the door, in order to improve the safety factor.
Technical parameters:
Hardware platform: ARM9
Fingerprint head: 500dpi
Fingerprint capacity: 5000 extension 30000, 50000
Record Capacity: 500,000
Photo capacity: 100,000
Means of communication: U disk, RS485, the TCP / IP
Voice features:
The rings function: support
The Sleep functions: support
Error rate: 0.001%
FRR: <0.01%
Working voltage: DC12V
Operating Humidity: 20% to 80%
Tamper function:
Alarm function:
Menci features:
Camera: No (optional)
LCD: 4.3-inch