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RF card lock: To open the door with the use of IC identification system, it is no longer to associate with the card and a bunch of keys, but enjoy the he convenience and safety from the high-tech RF identification; 
> External power: To prevent your electronic door locks being short of power, the design of external power will let you far away from the problem, and provide you with all the convenience and security; 
> Low-voltage alarm: The system will automatically set off the "low-voltage alarm," and never mind when batteries replaced are needed; 
> Intelligent management: Intelligent IC card registration, deletion, emptiness management; 
> Intelligent checking: Because of functions of memory to recent record of opening the door and checking, it improves security; 
> Automatic anti-false: Being able to distinguish the IC copied or forged etc;
> Funtion of back locking: having the funtions of passage locks and inner locking, and then make you safe and convenient; 
> Induction operating frequency: 125 KHz 
> Applicable card: T5557 card 
> Voltage: four sections of 1.5V alkaline batteries 
> Alarm Voltage: 4.8 V 
> Static power consumption: <10 microamps 
> Dynamic power consumption: <200 microamps 
> Temperature: 20 below to 50 
> Humidity: <95 
> Antistatic:> 15.000 V, it still ensures the information not lost and 
stable work under the condition of strong static interference