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Product Name: Speed gate

Model:  RS1006

The Speed gate possesses superiority over the traditional management mode.

Whether on the control of rights of passenger, tolling, attendance or counting,

traditional management mode requires a great deal of man power and material. Speed gate overcomes such inefficiency and greatly ease off the work to manage high flow of human traffic. The flap barrier features great ascetic looks, stainless finish and durable.

The system is provided with a standard electric interface and is easily integrated with various forms of access control. Special control system is equipped in the product to meet the requirement of fire control, so that the smooth passage flow is ensured, realizing a timely diverting of passengers.



v  Size: 1200mmx 300mm x1000mm
v  Arms: 260 mm
v  Weight: 80 kg

v  Direction of entry and exit: One-way or two-way.

v  Power supply voltage: AC220 ± 10% V/50 ± 10% Hz
v  Drive Motor: DC brushed motors (24V)

v  Input interface: Dry contact signal or 12V level signal, or 12V pulse signal with whose pulse width >100ms, driven electricity >10mA

v  Communication interface: RS485, distance ≤ 1200meter

v  Passing speed: 40 people/ minute (normal open), 25-30/people (normal closed)

v  Closing and opening time: 1-2 seconds

v  When power on, 3 seconds needed for it to enter into passing status.

v  When there is breakdown, 10 seconds needed for its automatic return/reset.

v  Working environment: Indoor, outdoor (shelter)
v  Temperature: -10— — 50degree
v  Relative humility: ≤ 90%, no-condensation

v  Malfunction self-checking and alarm warning, ease of maintenance and installation

v  Operation method can be programmable

v  Anti-Pinch, stop when it detects movement in the passage.

v  Anti-rushing function: Auto lock if no valid signal is given

v  Doors can be adjusted into synchronization (only for double-locks)

v  Pass right will be cancelled if it is beyond the preset time

v  Normal close or normal open
v  Compatible with most access control systems
v  One direction or bi-direction control
v  Remote control by computer
v  Auto reset for time delay

v  Passable on power failure, meet the requirements of fire-fighting.

v  Sound and lights alarming: Including break-in and opposite direction intrusion, and so on.

v  Counting function (optional)

v  Speech output, human voice warning the right passing. (Optional)