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Product name: Full-height turnstiles
Model: RS997

The full-height turnstile, is a larger version of the turnstile, which eliminates the possibility (inherent in the waist-high style) of anyone jumping over the turnstile. It is also known as an " iron maiden", or " high-wheel". It is sometimes called a " Rotogate", There are two types of full height turnstiles, High Entrance/Exit Turnstile or HEET and Exit-Only. The difference between them is that HEET turnstiles can rotate in both directions, thus allowing two-way traffic, while exit-only turnstiles can only rotate in one direction, thus allowing one-way traffic. Exit-only turnstiles are commonly used in mass transit stations to allow passengers to exit the system without interfering with those entering.

The RS999A is 304#SS finished, designed to combine the functions of two single rotor turnstiles into one turnstile.. Two rotors allow four possible control points, two entries and two exits. Each rotor can be controlled in one or two directions. The complete stainless steel construction is suited for interior or exterior application

v Framework: stainless steel tube 304# SS
v Dimension: 1500*1500*2350MM
v Barrier opening time: 0.2 second
v Transit speed: 30/minute
v Temperature: 10-℃ ~ 50℃,
v Relative humidity: ≤ 90%, no condensation
v communication port: standard RS485, distance≤ 1200meters

v Input port: dry contact, or +12v level signal, or DC12V pulse signal with its pulse width ≥ 100ms, drive current≥ 10mA.


v Passing direction: one-way or two-way. Several working methods available,

v Card in, card out, card in, free exit, free in, card exit. .

V Automatic reset function: Lock automatically if people do not pass within the preset time. Passing time is adjustable

v Unique bi-direction anti-rotation function,
v Passable on power failure
v Lighting notice: passing direction indication

v Control board has counting function and LED display function (optional)

v Control board has memory function to meet group passing.

V Adopt optics hole location working principle, has no time delay

v Demand for inputting control signal
v Working environment: indoor, outdoor (shelter)

v Size of card reading window: equipped with standard installing holder, or customized

Remarks: there would be a little discrepancy between real product and sample