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PTFE Wire Mesh Demister, also called PTFE Demister, that is based on the excellent performance of PTFE. It's a new generation of demister, which is Teflon wire processed through a special presentation. It's also one of the best corrosion resistance demisters. Moreover PTFE demister pad is resistant to hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and various organic acids, as well as a variety of other strong corrosive chemical medium. Therefore it can be used with any kind of chemical medium for a long-term.
* High temperature: can be used in temperature between -150~+250℃
* Resistance to low temperature: -196℃ to maintain 5%
* Corrosion resistance: resistant to acid, alkali, aquaregia, and a variety of organic solvents 
* High lubrication: lowest friction coefficient in solid materials
* In adhesion: not adhere to any substance
* High self-lubrication: the friction coefficient of the solid material is 0.04
* Pollution prevention: low blank value of the metal elements, the lead content less than 10-11g/ml, the uranium content less than 10-12g/ml

PTFE demisters are utilized in petroleum refining, petrochemical industry, gas chemistry, synthetic chemistry, salt and sugar manufacturing and other chemical industries. They are also employed in packed tower, dust arrestor and air filter in various enterprises, or for chemical-reaction acceleration by painting the filament surface with catalyst. Other applications include special gasket in cabinet of electronics instrument and vibration and sound insulation