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Galvanized Steel expanded metal can be used as architectural Panels; Anti-Dazzle Screens, Billboard Walkway; Catwalks; Stairs; Drying Racks; Fencing; Gratings; Flooring; Grilles; Vents; Enclosures; Security Partitions; Air Filters; Screens; Reinforcement; Railings; Ramps; Walkways; Window Guards; Anti-Dazzle Screens; Machine Fencings etc.

Quality Management:

Automatic Machines & Well-Trained Staff:
Our heavy and light automatic expanding machines and our well-trained workers ensure our Galvanized Steel expanded metal with even size, level and flat surface, tidy strand and tidy surface. All those are made to ensure the expanded metal from our factory are the top quality within China.

Raw Material Quality Control:

We have very strict quality requirement for our raw material: The galvanized steel sheet/coil material. To ensure the material quality, we have been signing long-term contract with Tangshan Steel Group, who is the best quality suppliers of both galvanized steel and plain steel sheet/coil in China.

Panel/Roll Width: 36inch, 1Metre, 48inch, 72inch
Panel/Roll Length: From 72inch until 150feet
Note: Other Panel/Roll width or length can be made according to request.