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Its entire structure is completely modular, and can be field-replaceable filter material without the need to replace the packing or other parts shipped back to the manufacturer. According to the design parameters, these demisters can collect up to 99.95% or higher ratio submicron liquid particles.
Fiber Mesh Demister or Fiber Demister Pad is especially suitable for sulfuric acid plant, nitric acid plant, hot phosphoric acid plant, chlorine and other chemical plant, pulp mill, textile mill, asphalt saturated tower, food processing, chromium plating process, turbine lubricating oil tank exhaust pipe and plastic molding.
* Adjust the limits of design capacity
* Decrease or eliminate the visible chimney plume
* Ensure that the drop is less than 40 microns (1.5") W.G.
* It can be interchangeable with existing fiber equipment point.
* Capture fog particles of less than 0.1 microns in diameter or smaller submicron