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Wave Type Wire Mesh Demister, also called waveform wire mesh demister or wave-based demister pad. To achieve the gas goes gas way, liquid goes liquid way and basically eliminate the secondary entrainment phenomenon and increase the eliminating effect. Because the mesh blocks tilt, the actual demister area increases by 15%, it's easy to adjust the airflow, speed, resistance and demister effect in design. Using a layer of wave mesh with can achieve the level of two layers of wire mesh demister of eliminating the effect. It saves installation space and reduces the cost of a single tower demister.
Therefore waveform mesh demister is widely used in the following applications:
Petroleum industry
Chemicals industry
Metallurgy industry
Pharmaceuticals industry
Automobile industry
Stainless steel: Grades 302, 304, 316, 316L, 321, 309, 310
Alloys: Inconel 601, Incoloy DS, haste alloy, carpenter 20
Fibrous filament: 'E' glass, 'S' glass, 'A' glass, basalt, ceramic
Others: Aluminum, Monel, copper, brass, mild steel (plain and galvanized), polypropylene, polyethylene
Better functioning
Superior quality
Easy to use and install