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Brief introdution of Salt corrosion test machine
This machine is widely used in surface treatment proceedings of various material, including painting, electroplating, organic and inorganic coating, anode processing, antirust oil and so on, with this anti-corrosive treatment to test corrosion resistance of their products, the quality control can be much more precise and reliable to final confifently ensure the performance of the finished goods, raw material and components.
Technical Specifications of Salt corrosion test machine:
*Model: YSST-108
*Internal Size(mm)W×H×D: 600×400×450
*External Size(mm)W×H×D: 1250×1050×910
*Chamber Temperature Range: Ambient to +50°C,±0.5°C
*Air Temperature Range: Ambient to +63°C,±0.5°C
*Salt Manger Temperature Range: Ambient to +50°C,±0.5°C
*Saturated Air Pressure(Kg/m): 0.8 to 2.0
*Spray Volume(m/80cm/hr): 0.5 to 3.0
*Salt PH: 6.5 to 7.2
*Copper Acetate PH: 3.0 to 3.2
*Material: PVC & PP
*Salt Spray System: Air & acid liquid
*Heating System: SUS#304 stainless steel high-speed heater & teflon
*Controller System: Digital electronic control & S.S.R.
*Accessories:Hydrometer, salinometer, fog collector, glassbar
*Safety Devices: Overheat protector, Alarm
*Power(K.W.): AC 1Ψ 220V 60/50Hz
Main features of Salt corrosion test machine:
1. It is made of imported PP & PVC, which endures acid and high temperature.
2. The patented nozzle and spray unit make an uniform spray rate.
3. The defogging equipment can automatically defog, which gives us a clear view of the test samples. 
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