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13.56MHz MF IC Access Control Reader

5 to 10cm short range 13.56 MHz reader with wiegand 26, wiegand 34 or RS232 protocol


Wire Connection:

WG26/34                       RS485                                  RS232

Red: DC 9V-16V        Red: DC 9V-16V              Red: DC 9V-16V

Black: GND                 Black: GND                       Black: GND

Green: D0                    Green: 4R+                      Green: RX

White: D1                      White: 4R-                     White: TX

Blue: LED

Yellow: BEEP

Gray :Door Bell

Purple: Door Bell

*Wiegand 26bits/ Wiegand34bits or RS232 Standard Format Data Output

*Less than 0.2 second Response Speed

*5-10cm Proximity Range

*Ambient Temperature:-25℃ to 75℃

*Ambient Humidity: 10%-90%

*Built-in Antenna

*Built-in LED (Double Color LED)

*Built-in Loud Speaker (Buzzer)

*DC 9V-16V Working Voltage. Standard 12V,70mA Working Current

*100 Meters Communication Distance

*Real Time Data Transfer

*PVC Case Material

*With Water-Proof Function

*Audiovisual indication: When a registered card is presented to the reader, the red LED flashes green and the beep sounds.


*Package: 100pcs per carton. Carton Size: 43.5*56*23(cm)