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Brand Name: Trapall
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Pest Control Type: Traps
Pest Type: Mice
Model Number: ATPL7042
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Name: Mouse trap
Material: Plastic
Size: 35*16*9cm
Color: Gray
Target pests: Mouse, rat and rodent


Special features:

1. Sensitive design, when mouse touches the pedal, it can be killed immediately by the sharp teeth of the door

2. Multi-catch trap, you can connect the mouse traps with latches, so that you can catch many mice in one time

3. Easy to operate, waterproof and anti-biting, not easy to break


Application situations:

Indoor and outdoor


Using steps:

1. Take the bait box out, and put bait into the box, then put it back

2. Hold the top of the door, and snap the middle lock setting, press the door down until it is fixed on the bottom pedal, and not spring back

3. You can connect two mouse traps together with latches for multi-catch purpose

4. Put it on the place where there are many mice, and wait for mouse come here
Humane Plastic MultiCatch Rodent Rat Bait Station Mouse Trap Killer