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Bar Code Printing Scales 

High precision accuracy: 1/30000 30Kg/1g 15Kg/0.5g 6Kg/0.2g 3Kg/0.1g 
With counting function: Weighing, counting the simple operation, easy to use. 
Brand image: Introduce CI idea, set up the brand image, packaging design is unique, novel. 

Motherboard: 1.5mm automatic placement of double-sided board 

Support: Double stent configuration, ultra-high pressure 

Steel plate: Super thick 620g rust scale 

Battery: Ultra-long standby, 15 plate special battery 

Chassis: Add custom, damage resistance design 

Chip: The Japanese high-tech, industrial chip high, low temperature 

Power line: The content of copper and new customized plastic 

Panel: Thick PC material, no deformation, no degumming 

Display mode: Fluorescent UV display 

Transformers: Imported high quality silicon steel sheet and high quality copper refining