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Application: Waterproof testing
material interior body: SUS#304
test platform rotary: 1 RPM
water temp: Normal
exterior chamber material: Stainless steel plate+ powder coated
Other components: chamber lamp, wiper, casters with adjusters
Waranty: Free parts warranty for 12 months
Certificate: CE, TUV, SGS
Power: Electric


Introduction of Water spray test chamber
This chamber is normally used for testing anti-rain or water-proof performance of material or products, such as steam locomotive lamps, wiper performance, waterproof bands, motorcycle instruments, defense industry, navigation systems, missiles, radar cone top, aerospace industry, etc. its design considered auto maker's and electronic industry testing.It adopt large viewing glass can let the operator se  the specimen clearly. Digital setting, operating easy, maintenance quickly.
Main features of Water spray test chamber:
1 Test automotive parts, electrical parts' water resistance and water proof.    
2 Digital setting, easy operation and maintenance.  
3 Adopt large transparent Window to observe testing product conditon.    
Technical Specifications of  Water spray test chamber
Model code YSRT-1728-A YSRT-1728-E(IEC-529)(CNS14165)
Internal Dim.WHD(mm) 1200×1200×1200 1200×1200×1200
External Dim.WHD(mm) 1750×1850×1300 1750×1850×1300
Water Temp. Normal Normal

Spray Type

Total water
R1 1.8 1P×1 With in 1~1.5mm/min(In drip box)
R2 3.2 1P×2 With in 3~3.5mm/min(In drip box)
S1 24.5 1P×3 angle±600,R:400mm,1.1L/min
S2 39.2 1P×4 angle±1800,R:400mm,1.8L/min

Preesure of
spray nozzle
R1 0.1 1.Flow rate of the water=0.07L/min
2.1P×3,Radius:400mm,Number or open holes=16,total water flow:1:1L/min.
3.1P×4,Radius:400mm,Number or open holes=25,total water flow:1:8L/min.
*Radius:200mm,R400mm.(For 1P×3,1Px4 )
R2 0.3
S1 1
S2 3
(RPM)Test Specimen Frame 17RPM 1RPM

   Spray Nozzle Rotation Speed
Swing 60°from vertical for 4 seconds at one time

Swing 180°from vertical for 12 seconds at one time

Interior SUS#304
Other Components Chamber lamp.Wiper
casters with Adjusters
Chamber lamp.Wiper,casters with Adjusters
Power Source[K.W] AC 1Ψ 220V 60/50Hz 4KW
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