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Philips Head Drywall Screws:

1)Diameter: M3,M3.5,M4,M5,M6
2)Length: 15-50mm
3) Surface:White Nickel, Black Nickel, White Zinc, Black Zinc, Black Plated, ROHS
4) Offer OEM Service
5) Packing: poly bag, carton box
6) Delivery Time: about 5-10 days
7)MOQ: 1000pcs
8)Target Market: Europe, Asian, Middle East , America
9)Main Equipment: CNC lathe, automatic lathe, grinder, thread rolling machine, tapping /drilling machine etc
10) Main Products:
lathe part process, stamping part process, nuts, screws, bolts, rivet, washers,ordinary fastener,high strength fastener,stainless steel fastener,cold steel and iron class,wheel, chain, pulley, bottle gourd,carriage bolts,non-standard product,copper cylinder,self drilling screws,spring washers.
If you are interested in our products, please let us know. We can make the products according to your requirement. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!
Size           Surface              Package              Package
M3.5*16    Blue/Black Zinc     2200pcs/box    39.6 thousands pcs /box (18 small boxes)  

M3.5*20     Blue/Black Zinc     1500pcs/box    27 thousands pcs /box (18 small boxes)

M3.5*25     Blue/Black Zinc     1200pcs/box    21.6 thousands pcs /box (18 small boxes)

M3.5*30     Blue/Black Zinc     1000pcs/box    18 thousands pcs /box (18 small boxes)

M3.5*35     Blue/Black Zinc       700pcs/box   12.6 thousands pcs /box (18 small boxes)

M3.5*40     Blue/Black Zinc       600pcs/box   10.8 thousands pcs /box (18 small boxes)

M3.5*45    Blue/Black Zinc      500pcs/box     0.9 thousands pcs /box (18 small boxes)

M3.5*50    Blue/Black Zinc     400pcs/box      0.72 thousands pcs /box (18 small boxes)