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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Product details:
1.Strong and durable
2.High quality with reasonable price
3.Many patterns for your choice
4.Strict quality control system 
Tire reread pattern characteristics:
1.It is applicable for various conditions.
2.Suitable for multiwheel truck, full-featured tires pattern.
3.Adaptable grasp to big, cooling the gender is good.
4.Has good thorm pricked and impact strength.
5.Can provide a balanced abrasion and long service life.
6.A good driving maneuverability.
7.Suitable for long distance truck and city bus.

Products information:
1,Precured Tread Rubber used for Cold Process tire Remoulding
2,The precured tread rubber manufactured by us are durable in quality and made with high
quality Synthetic Rubber that is helpful in offering excellent mileage and superior abrasion resistence.
3,These precured tread rubber manufactured by us is available in various designs and Sizes,
and are also known for their optimum physical and rheological properties
About us
We are a rising hi-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing  Precured Tread Rubber,
retread tyre machine,process and retread used tyre.

We have different grades of products ,and different abrasion resistance,
quality 1: 40000-60000KM
quality 2: 60000-80000KM
quality 3: 80000-100000KM
Spec.: we have different quality tread rubber with different tread pattern, the size from 130 to 300mm.
packing: in plastic bag
delivery time: 10-15 days
payment  term: TT or LC payment
Manufacturer & Exporter of precured tread rubber, used for tire retreading purpose.
We have the precured tread for all size of tires.