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Condition: New
Type: Curbstone Block Machine
Brick Raw Material: Cement
Processing: Brick Molding Machine
Method: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
Automatic: No
Capacity: 400 pcs per 8 hour
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: OCEANA
Model Number: SL001
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plastic mould for concrete curbstone
PP mould for concrete curb block
curbstone plastic mould
these mould are the plastic material or the ABS , PP materila,
low cost, and beautiful surface.
1. Raw material:
    cement, gravels, sand, water
2. Concrete mixer: mixing the raw material to concrete
3. Plastic mould according to your request.
   firstly, brush some separants inside the mould,
   pour the mixed concrete into the mould
4. Vibrating Platform
   put the mould with concrete on the platform,
   the platform will be drived by the motor and vibrator.
   then produce a big vibrating force to make the concrete solid
   and hard.
5. Natural curing:
   the curbstone in the mould will be curing by naturally
   for several hours. and the mould can be released.
   and let the concrete curbstone in the open air for some time, 
   then it can be used for construction project.
this kind production is suitable for the small precast concrete plant,
or prepare for the road side construction project in the site.
if you are interested, welcome to contact with us.
the plastic sample is available.