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Welded gabion retaining wall
Technical Note:

1. Mesh Size: Mesh openings should be square of nominal dimension of 76.2mm on the grid.
2. Mesh Wire: Nominal wire diameter should be 3.0mm.
3. Standard Sizes: 2mx1mx1m, 2mx 1mx0.5m, 1mx1mx1m, 1mx1mx0.5m, 1.5m x1mx1m
4. Surface Treatment: 95% zinc 5% aluminium coating for corrosion resistance
5. Assembly: Assembled with stainless steel clips connecting side panels and diaphragms to the base panel
6. Joining: welded gabion box should be provided with lacing wire for site assembly, which should be of minimum wire
diameter 2.2mm for final joining.

Major Applications of Welded Gabion Box:
1. Retaining wall structures
2. Prevention of current scour and erosion control
3. Bridge protection
4. Hydraulic structures, dams and culverts
5. Embankment protection
6. Rockfall prevention and soil erosion protection

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