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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Toolong
Model Number: TL-3506
Type: Digital Camera
Style: Mini Camera
Sensor: CMOS
Special Features: Vandal-proof
screen: 5inch large
power: li-ion battery rechargable


5 inch 2.0M pixel LCD color display with Call phone function door camera
Model No. :TL-3506
1. Door camera
2. Taking photo, video, monitor
3. Call phone, send MMS
4.2 million pixel
5. Mirco SD card /TF card , up to 32GB
Indoor control unit
142× 88× 13.5mm
HD highlighted 5.0' ' inch LCD
Outdoor lens unit
61× 61× 14.1mm
View angle
120 degree
Door peephole diameter limits
Door thickness limits
30mm~ 100mm
Power source
1400mAh lithium cell(rechargeable)
Working voltage
Battery charge directly via the Micro USB at the bottom of the host machine
Why we choose it?
Intelligent doorbell function
1. When guests approach the door, the doorbell button lights, tell guests to press it; When guests leave the monitor area, the light goes out.
2. If the guest presses the button, the doorbell rings., and the panel show the guest and take a photo.
3.1 After the ring, if there is no answer (the ring time can be stetted), the doorbell will say: “ Hello, I am not at home, please leave a message after beep ring the doorbell, thank you! “.
3.2 Within 5 seconds if guests press the button again, the doorbell beeps, then records the video message (the video last for 10 seconds defaulted).
3.3 After the video message, the doorbell will say: “ If you are in a hurry to find me, please ring the doorbell again to call my phone, thank you! ” Within 5 seconds if guests press the button again, the doorbell will call the host (dials the pre-set number), put through, guests can speak with the host via the doorbell.
Intelligent security function
If guests stay before the door for more than 3 seconds without pressing the doorbell button, the indoor button will light and flicker, warning there are guests out of the door.
MMS is against illegal visitor behavior: If guest stay before the door for more than 15seconds (the time can be stetted) without pressing the doorbell button, the viewer will take photo for the guest, and store it into the T-card and send a MMS alarm to the host (can be chosen to use or not) and the alarm sounds at the same time (can be chosen to use or not).
When guest presses the doorbell button, the viewer takes photo and stores it, the indoor bell rings at the same time; the indoor screen lights, shows the guest outdoor.
Communication function
If urgent, Guests can press the doorbell button to remote call with the host
Packing: 1set/box

1 × Indoor control unit (language: English & Chinese )
1 × Out lens unit
1 × Micro SD card (2GB)
1 × User manual
1 × Warrant card
1 × Fixed sheet steel
1 × STLDF charger (power adapter & USB data line)
4 × Screws (tow pairs , select one according to the door thickness)