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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Polycore
Model Number: PC6.0 transparent


Polycore PC honeycomb is specially three dimensional structure,so it's more steady and equilibrium than other two dimensional honeycomb structure. PC honeycomb core stand by tightly to provide excellent compressive strength,besides PC honeycomb holds following characteristics, so that bring widly application in different project and fields.

--  Lightweight stiffness strength

--  Insulated 

--  Fire resistant  

--  Corrosion resistant 

--  Fungi resistant

--  Energy absorption      

--  Excellent dielectric properties 

--  Good thermal and electric insulator   

--  temperature -40 + 110 celsius degree 

--  Available transparent and in colors


Polycore PC honeycomb can apply into window to save energy consumption, the window installed with transparent PC honeycomb can lessen heat loss 80 percent than common window;
Color can be different color as request.
Corecell diameter can be 6.0mm,7.0mm and 8.0mm
Size within max:1250*3600mm