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Place of Origin: Malaysia
Brand Name: STEC Armour
Model Number:
Bullet proof car: Bulletproof car glass
Bullet proof shield: Bulletproof plate
Bulletproof window: Bulletproof door
Bulletproof glass: Bulletproof vehicle


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Product Introduction – STEC Armor Resistance Laminates

Believe It Or NOT ? Now everyone can make their own Bullet and Explosion resistance glass window and door. DIY make simple.


STEC developed few unique products which specially design to withstand or resist great impact and offer ultimate protection for security purpose.


Product 01 - STEC Bullet Resistance Glass Laminates.


With STEC Laminates, there is no need to change the glass of the vehicle or building, Glasses applied with STEC Laminates can withstand impact from:

- Smash

- Explosion

- Guns (terms and conditions applied)

Thus, for car, the window works as normal, there is only a slight increase of weight (less then 10kg in overall) and no change or modification of the vehicle. Application makes simple, clean and fast.


Product 02 - STEC Bullet Resistance Shield


STEC Shield is a special Polymer in which designed to be LIGHT, FLEXIBLE and Stronger then steel.

It is design for vehicle door. With its light nature, it does not increase petrol consumption if compare with heavy steel. The flexibility nature allows us to install it easily and fast. Last but not least, the impact resistance is much greater then steel. STEC Shield can withstand all type of handgun.


Installation of STEC Shield.

Just cut to door shape and insert in between door body and door panel. Use heavy duty adhesive to stick it to the door body steel.


STEC also provides total application solution which includes:

- Full technical support

- Training program on theory and practical

- Project consultancy

- Special mixture solution for application


Further, STEC's products have been tested by Military and Navy before being certified as an official supplier to major military project and navy battle ship.


With more than 10 years of infield application experience, STEC is more than capable to assist dealer in handling big projects, providing first hand KNOW HOW and Solution to many application challenges.


We welcome your company as our dealer in your region and if you have any further enquiry, please feel free to revert.


Please refer to below for our sales terms and conditions.

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Dealer is require to provide courier service account either



Test sample:

Minimum test sample purchase:

STEC Laminates: One Standard roll

STEC Bullet Resistance sheets: size 2 x 5 feet

STEC Bullet Resistance shield: size 3 x 4 feet

STEC Bulletproof glass: 1.5 x 1.5 feet


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Minimum purchase according to our sales term listed in price list.

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