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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Hongda
Model Number:
Material: PVDF
Thickness: 1-60mm
Size: 1000*2000mm, 1500*3000mm


PVDF(polyvinylidene fluoride) is a thermoplastic that has exceptional chemical resistance, which is A versatile fluoropolymer which is both strong and tough as reflected by its tensile properties And impact strengths. PVDF has excellent resistances to creep and fatigue. Where load bearing Is important, PVDF fluoropolymers are rigid and resistant to creep under mechanical Sress and load. Because PVDF is stable to sunlight, and other sources of ultraviolet Radiation, it is widely used as base resins for long-lasting exterior coatings. An additional Advantage over other fluoroplastics is that PVDF can be welded into tanks for acid and Corrosive chemical processing in elevated temperature environments.

PVDF Products Available:

1). PVDF Sheet (1000mm*2000mm, 1500mm*3000mm, special size can be customized)
2). PVDF sheet with fabric (Polyester or glass fiber)
3). PVDF Welding rods: (Dia. 3mm, Dia. 4mm and Dia. 5mm)
4). PVDF rod: (Dia. Φ 10mm~ Dia. Φ 250mm)
5). PVDF pipe (Φ 4mm~Φ 200mm)
6). PVDF pipe fittings (Elbow, Tee, reducer, flange, union, etc. )
7). PVDF machined parts.

Mechanical strength and toughness
High abrasion resistance
High tensile strength
High thermal stability
High dielectric strength
High UV-resistance
High purity
Relatively high coefficient of thermal expansion
Resistance to most chemicals and solvents

Chemical Tank and Equipment Construction
Semiconductor Industry
Power and Electrical Engineering
Solar photovoltaic
Laboratory Engineering
Food Industry
Environmental technology
High purity water

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