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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Kansum
Model Number: RS0003


Trial frame
1.PD Ajustable Range: 48mm~80mm
2.Frame adjustable length: 35mm
3.Nose pad adjustable angles 360

trial frame   
1. Usages
    It is suitable for eyesight examing in spedtacles shops,department of ophthalmology in hospitals,schools and enterprises.

2. Main technical indexes
(1). Range of PD adjustments: 
     PD of both eyes: 48-80mm
     Left or right PD: 24-40mm
    Minimum calibration value: 1mm

(2). Frame adjustable length : 35mm

(3). Nose pad adjustable angles :360°

(4). Axial calibration on each disc: 
      Left disc: 120.0.135.
      Right disc: 45.180.60.
      Axial xalibration increase along the lens frame axis counter clockwise ,and the calibration distance is 5..
(5).  Inner diameter of lens frame:φ32.5mm
(6).  Number of lens which can be inserted into left or right lens frame simultaneously:4 pieces
(7).  Degree of lens rotating around optical axis in the lens frame::360°

(8).  Nonparallelism between lens'optical axis and lens frame's geometric axis:≤ 2.5.
(9).  Non-concentricity between lens'optical center and lens frame geometric center:≤0.5mm
(10).  Displacement of lens in relation to position of lens frame geometric center:≤0.3mm
(11).  Range of nose pad adjustment:length:0-14mm;Angle:0.30.
(12).  Range of lett or right lens frame leg'length adjustment:98135mm
(13).  Maximum interval bewteen left and right lens frame legs:200mm




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