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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Huasi
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Application: Fence
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Product name

The Holland wire mesh is also called the wave fence and coated plastic welded mesh in the draft of highway.

Product introduction

Surface treatment: Hot dip galvanized, cold galvanized, plastic spraying, hot dipped plastic, etc. Surface color is generally green that is in harmony with the environment.

Waving method

It is welded with the iron wire of Q235, the iron wire surface will be deal with vulcanization processing, then we can use the power of PVC, PE or PP to daub the surface, so that effect which has the feature with nice appearance, strong adhesion, and good anticorrosion.

Process of manufacture

Before welding to coated plastic, also it can be electronic galvanized, hot dipping galvanized and spraying plastics separate.

Application: It's main to use on both sides of the shield of highway, railway and bridges. Certainly, there are many public places to use it, such as the safety protection of airports, ports, docks; the parks, lawns, zoo, pool, lake, roads of residential segregation and protection municipal construction; the entertainment protective and decorative of hotels, hotels, supermarkets. It alsocan be widely used in industry, agriculture, municipal, transportation and other industries fence to decorate and protect.


1. Well anti-corrosion, anti-aging, beautiful appearance and easy installation.

2. Has the characteristic of good filtering precision, high strength loading and low cost.

Material: Low carbon steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire 

Mesh width: 0.5m-2.5m after daubing wire diameter: 1.0-3.0(mm)

Mesh diameter: 60*60, 50*50 , 50*100, 100*100(mm) Length: 30m

Common specification

Wire diameter(mm)


Mesh size(m)





Mesh hole(mm)

50 x100  50x50

The fence post height(mm)

2.1 to 2.3

The fence post spacing(m)


The whole color

dark green and grass green


Before you can cast the 30cm pillar with the cement, sand and gravel, then it can install the mesh wait for 24 hours after fixation. The mesh should use the card with a special tool mesh and column to connect together, because the length of Holland wire mesh has about 30 meters long. It can be changed the direction for the terrain and cut optional, so that it's convenient to install and save the cost.