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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Dachang or OEM
Model Number: GICL/GIICL Coupling


SpecificationsCICLZ type drum shape gear coupling
1. Material: Stainless steel
2. Weight: 5.4-9264kg
3. Certificate: ISO9001: 2000

Features of drum shape teeth-formula shaft coupling (has the following characteristics in comparison with spur gear type coupling): 1, strong drum shape teeth-formula shaft coupling loading capacity. Within the same under maximum outside diameter of gear sleeve outer diameter and coupling, drum shape teeth-formula shaft coupling loading capacity average than straight teeth-formula shaft coupling 15~20% 2, the amount of angle displacement compensating. When radial displacement is equal to zero, the permissible angular displacement of the gear type coupling for 1O, drum shape teeth-formula shaft coupling of the permissible angular displacement is 1o30', an increase of 50%. In same of modulus, and tooth number, and tooth wide Xia, drum shaped tooth than straight tooth allows of corner displacement large, 3, and drum shaped tooth type coupling drum shaped tooth surface make within, and outside tooth of contact conditions are improve, avoid has in corner displacement conditions Xia straight tooth tooth end edges side extrusion, stress concentrated of disadvantages, while improve has tooth surface friction, and wear situation, reduced has noise, maintenance cycle long. 4, outside the drum shape teeth-formula shaft coupling gear teeth is trumpet shaped, inner and outer gear Assembly and disassembly is easy. 5, drum shape teeth-formula shaft coupling transmission efficiency as high as 99.7%. Scripture-based features, now widely at home and abroad to drum gear replace gear type coupling.