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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
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Spherical lenses are the primary product of JH OPTICS. Near to 60% of all Jiheng OPTICS products are spherical lenses. Please trust JH OPTICS can supply the approving products to you as our products be praised and recognized by all the customers. We have a wonderful quality contral standard be used in the workshop, the products quality report can show that if your choice is correct. Jiheng OPTICS just need a chance to show our products and after service to you to get your satisfaction.

The following summary is a reference about the best quality we can supply for you be matched with different material and dimension.
N-BK7, UV F.S.
Diameter 5mm-30mm(+0/-0.02mm)

 Radius surface flatness surface quality centration error 
 R(3mm-10mm)+/-2‰          λ/6        20/10            <1arcmin
 (15mm-50mm)+/-1.5‰          λ/6        20/10            <1armin
 (60mm-1000mm)+/-1‰          λ/6        20/10            <1arcmin
Diameter 31mm-90mm(+0/-0.02mm) 
 Radius surface flatness surface quality centration error 
 R(16mm-60mm)+/-1.5‰          λ/4        40/20            <1arcmin
 (61mm-5000mm)+/-1‰          λ/4        40/20            <1arcmin
Diameter 91mm-120mm(+0/-0.02mm) 
 Radius surface flatness surface quality centration error 
 R(46mm-5000mm)+/-1‰          λ/4        40/20            <1arcmin

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