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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Sunfullhanbec
Model Number: HB-12J
Usage: Temperature Sensor
Theory: Resistance Sensor
Output: Analog Sensor
Use: Temperature control for fridge defrost
Probe material: PVC
Max. Operating Temperature: 150C (dependent on wire rating)
Min. Operating Temperature: -40C
Ohmic Resistance: 10K +/-2% to Temp of 25 deg C


Sunfullhanbec thermistor temperature sensor offer excellent reliability in a compact, rugged, cost-effective design. The sensor is also a proven performer for moisture protection and freeze-thaw cycling.  Lead wires can be set to any length and color to match your requirements. The plastic shell can be made from PP, PBT, PPS, or most any plastic that you need for your application. The internal thermistor element can be selected to meet any resistance-temperature curve and tolerance. 


- Air conditioners                   - Refrigerators

- Freezers                              - Water Heaters

- Potable Water Heaters        - Air Warmers

- Washers                              - Disinfection Cases,

- Washing Machines              - Driers,

- Thermotanks                       - Electric iron

- Closestool                           - Rice cooker 

- Microwave/Electricoven       - Induction cooker



1. Wide variety of installation fixtures and probes are available to suit customer needs. 

2. Small size and fast response.

3. Long-term stability and reliability

4. Excellent tolerance and inter changeability

5. Lead wires can be terminated with customer-specified terminals or connectors 


Temperature control

Reset type


Probe material


Max. Operating Temperature

150°C (dependent on wire rating)

Min. Operating Temperature


Ohmic Resistance

10K +/-2% to Temp of 25 deg C


(25C/85C) 3977 +/-1.5%(3918-4016k)

Electric Strength

1250 VAC/60sec/0.1mA

Insulation Resistance


Resistance Between Terminals

Less than 100mW

Extraction force between wire and sensor shell


Terminal/Housing type





                                   Thermistor R-T DATA