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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: hessway
Model Number: HS-D/M806B
Usage: Indoor
Tube Chip Color:
Display Function:
Screen Dimension:


Product Description
HS-D808 series digital thermostat appearance luxury, large screen LCD display, imported microcomputer control technology, which can realize four times a day, 7 days week programming function. Through internal thermostat NTC temperature sensor detect indoor temperature and real-time comparing with the temperature by the user set .Automatically open or close the pipe electric valve, to achieve the purpose of keeping the room thermostat.

scope of application
HS-D808 series digital temperature controller is suitable for the floor heating, water heating, electric heating equipment (electrothermal film, heating cable, electric heaters, resistance wire, carbon crystal plate).

Product features
Also show indoor temperature and plastic temperature does can set mulch to protect temperature limit
Period of time programming, but timing on/off
On/off control of the room temperature
Appearance of luxury, large screen LCD display
Using imported high reliability MCU, strong anti-jamming
Time clock feature
Controlled by relay as an output device, high reliability and strong practicability
Blue backlight
Mental function of remote control (optional)

Technical instructions
Shell material flame retardant ABS + PC alloy material
Negative inductive load: 220v 3A   impedance load: 220v 16A
Shape size 86 * 86 * 13 mm
Mounting hole is apart from the standard junction box 60 mm