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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: giga
Model Number: giga-gkj008
Size: 915*1830mm,1220*244mm
Certification: ISO,BV
Application: Building material


Black Timber
1.Big Size:The biggest size is 2440×1220mm, 915×1830 mm, which could decrease the numbers of the joint and increase the working efficiency. And the planking will not deform and crack, it can resist water well, re-use many times  and demoulds easily, about 1/7 of steel planking.2.Light weight:It is more suitable for high-rise building and bridge construction.3.Re-use number:For Melamin glue, usually can be used zhout 8 times, and for WBP glue, can be re-use above 15 times.4.Concrete building:It can keep the surface smooth and beautiful when used for pouring, and you don't need to plaster the wall for second time, for it can decorate directly that will decrease the construction period by 30%.5.Corrosion resistance:It will not pollute the surface of the concrete.6.Good moisture-retention:It is good for construction, and in Winter it can be used as template for curved surface. 7.Good workability:It is better than bamboo plywood and small steel plywood in terms of nailing, sawing and drilling, it can be processed to template with all shapes according to needs. thickness 12mm,13mm,14mm,15mm,16mm,17mm,18mm size: 1220*2440  915*1830 mmcore:  poplarglue: WBP and  Melamine