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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MIND
Model Number: MSYF-2



General Description

MSYF-2 traveling block protective system for workover rigis is a kind of special workover machines used to ensure the safe operation of the electronic instrument. For monitoring the workover machines traveling block is moving in the predefined height and speed range mobile; To prevent the hook load overload; At the same time record the work ton-km value of wire rope, when it is over predefined biggest workload, it will warn operator, in case of accidents due to wire rope aging.

The instrument has advantages of firm structure, installation is simple, the operation and the setting is simple, high reliability and friendly man-machine interface.


Recognize operation direction of traveling block. automatically.

When the traveling block is operating, it will protect traveling block from collision at upper limit and from bungling at lower limit.

When the operation speed of traveling block is over predetermined speed, it will automatic control traveling block operation, start brake function, and adopt audible and visual alarm to protect speeding brake security.

When the load value of hook over predetermined load value, the automatic braking will stop operating and disconnect the Lord Roller clutch to realize the hook load of overload protection.

When the operation of hook ton-km over predetermined safety operation value, it will alarm to protect hook's steel rope operating safety.

Technical Parameters and precision

Height display range-9.9 m to 99.9 m error: more than 0.1 m

Operation speed range 0 m/S ~ 5 m/S error: more than 0.1 m/S

Hook load range 0 kN ~ 2000 kN precision: more than 0.1 f. S

Hook ton-km 0 T · km ~ 9999.9 T · km error: more than 0.1 T · km

The brake response time < 0.1 S

power supply, DC24V , more than 50 W

Operation temperature 20 ℃ instrument-~ 65 ℃

Explosive-proof grade explosion-proof type DI IBT4 or intrinsically safe

Protection class IP65