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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Centalic
Model Number: SCP035(63)-BU-86-G
pitch: 0.45mm
full stroke: 1.3mm
rated stroke: 0.80mm
spring force: 20gf@load 0.80mm
current rating: 0.3A, continuous
bandwidth: 2ghz@-1db
propagation delay: 42 ps
barrel: phosphor bronze, gold plated
plunger: full-hard beryllium copper. gold plated
spring: music wire, gold plated



Semi-conductor test probe SCP035(63)-BU-86-G

Pitch 0.45mm

Mechanical Specification

Full Stroke:1.3mm

Rated Stroke:0.80mm

Spring Force: 20gf@load0.80mm

Electrical Specification

Current Rating:0.3A, Continuous

Bandwidth: 2GHz@-1dB

Propagation Delay: 42 ps



Barrel: Phosphor Bronze, Gold Plated.

Plunger: Full-Hard beryllium Copper. Gold Plated

Spring: Music Wire, Gold Plated.

Semi-conductor test probe SCP035(63)-BU-86-G is can be applied to mobile phones, computers, etc. In addition to this model, we also manufacture a variety of test probes of small diameters. With over 30 years' manufacturing experience, our factory is able to supply various models of high quality at competitive prices. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me any time or browse our website for other models with detailed specifications. Thanks a lot!

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