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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: JM
Model Number: OCS
Power supply: 6V/5000mAh
Display type: Instrument
Rated load: 1-50t


        Balance crane for sale


1. Accuracy Class:OIML Class III

2. Display:30mm(1.2inch) 5 digits LCD

3. Tare Range:Full capacity

4. Stable Time:< 10 seconds

5. Overload Indication:100% Max. capacity + 9e

6. Max. Safety Load:125% Max. capacity

7. Ultimate Load:300% Max. capacity

8. Operation time:60 hours min/100 hours max

9. Battery Type:Fully sealed lead-acid battery, 6V/10Ah

10. Charger:DC9V/1500mA

11. Operating Temp:-10 degree - +40 degree

12. Operating Humidity:< 85% RH under 20degree

13. Battery of Remote Controller:5# battery, 1.5Vx2