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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
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This surge protector is used for protecting the antenna port of RF equipments against from the damage of the thunderbolt over-voltage.

TRSW-BNC(230V)Coaxial Surge Arrester
Name: BNC-type gas discharge tube arrester
Type: TRSW-BNC(230V)
Level: Universal Connector 2 levels
Connection: Threaded connection 5/8-24UNEF-2A(2B)
Applicable standards: IEC60169-1. IEC-60169-16
Matching Relations: With BNC type pin, socket connector contacts match Specifications: 1) Materials and Surface Treatment inner conductor: Material for the bronze QSn6.5-0.1, GB3124-82 Overlay: Silver plating housing material: Brass HPb59-1 GB4425-84 Overlay: Nickel plating Insulator: Politef Rubber washer: Silicone rubber C type clasp: Material for the bronze QSn6.5-0.1 GB2066-89 Gas discharge tube arrester: 230V. Electrical specifications: Characteristic resistance: 75Ω Frequency band: 0--2000(MHz Max power: 300W frequency band range: DC--2.5GHz rated voltage: 1000V contact resistance: Inner conductor≤ 1mΩ ; Outer conductor≤ 1mΩ Insulation resistance: ≥ 5000mΩ Dielectric voltage: 2500V voltage standing wave ratio: ≤ 1.2. Mechanical property: A, Separation of power within the conductor: 0.57N b, Separation of forces outside the conductor: Not applicable c, mechanical lifetime: 500times (12times/minute) d, coupling nut torque: Recommend 0.68--1.13N. M. Working environment: A, environment temperature: -40--85° C b, Relative humidity: +40° C arrived 95% c, Water requirements: No. Installation mode: Free Installation. Storage conditions: Within -10° C--+35° C, Relative humidity: Not larger than 80 %, Ambient air without acid, alkali and other corrosive gases stored within the Treasury Technology Use: When the prior on the butt after being tightened with a torque wrench Materials meet the ROHS requirements