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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Yuanyao
Model Number: YDST-1000
Description: Sand dust test chamber
Inner chamber material: SUS#304 stainless steel
Temperature range: 5C-35C
Humidity range: 45%-85%RH
Application: Dust-proof test
Warranty: Free parts warranty 12 months
Customization: Available
Certificate: CE, TUV, SGS
Inspection: In house
Power supply: AC 1 phase 220V 60/50Hz 4KW


Sand and dust chamber

General description:

Sand and dust chamber is maily used to test control cabinet, household appliances, low voltage electric appliance, automobile, lamps and lanterns, motorcycle parts, ect outer shells. Test chamber pressure can be constant and changed, suitable for indoor low concentration dust pollution test, assessment  sample in this environment of sealing and corrosion degree. The whole system is designed to be used under extreme conditions and guarantees reliable functioning and a long service life. Independent of design and condition of the test specimen a constant dust density is reached due to special high-capacity compressed air nozzles, which leads to reliable test results.


Special features:

1. Adopt large transparent acrylic window, convenient and direct observation internal testing conditions.
2. Adopt imported touch screen programmable controller, can control dust blowing motor, dust vibration and test time.
3. Equipped with gastight chamber door, with lock device and glass observation window.There is lamp and dust brush to ensure easy observation of inner chamber.
4. With strong dust blowing device and vibrator to ensure uniformity of each blowing.
5. Large diameter strong stainless steel air hose, covered with heating device, can heat anddry the test chamber dust.
6. Imported high-precision electronic temperature humidity sensor and air speed sensor.
7.Test sample differential pressure test device, can set pumping rate freely according to sample inquiry.
8. There is an OD 50mm testing hole on the left chamber and equiped with port lid and silica gel chock plug. Through this hole can connect to outer test device.
9. Vacuum system: Equipped with pressure meter, air filtration, dust dehumidification system, regulating triple pieces, connecting pipe (Vacuum pump should be prepare by customer)


Applicable testing standards:

IEC 60529, GB2423.37, GB4706, GB 4208, GB 10485, GB 7000.1, JIS-D0207-F2 , GJB 150.12, DIN...


Technical specifications:

Model No
Inner chamber size W*H*D(mm)1000*1000*10001000*1000*1000
Exterior chamber size W*H*D(mm)1350*1950*13501350*1950*1350
Testing TypeF1F2F3IEC60529
Concentration of dust(mg/m3)Above 60000Above 3,000Above 100Above 5,000Above 100
Testing Temperature range20°C±15°C
Humidity Range45%RH~85%RH
Flow rate of dust(m/s)No limited5m/s10m/s
Testing TimeSwirl time5SNO
Rest time15 Minutes
Total time5H8H8H2H6H
MaterialExterior chamberSUS#304+Powder Coated
Interior chamberSUS#304
Other ComponentsChamber lamp,Wiper,Casters with adjusters.
Power requirementsAC 1 phase 220V 60/50Hz     4KW


 Main structure:

1. Chamber material: SUS#304 stainless steel;

2. Transparent window is convenient to observe specimen during testing;

3. Blow fan adopts stainless steel shell, high sealing and wing speed, low noise;

4. Inside the shell is the funnel type, vibration cycle can be adjusted, dust free float in the sky falling to blowing the hole together.


Working environment: 

1, Temperature: 15~35'C; Relative humidity: 25%~75%RH;

2, Without strong vibration and Electromagnetic effect around;

3, Test chamber should be stable placed and keep balance;

4, Installation place should keep good ventilation, and without strong airflow, high dust and corrosive material.


Besides sand and dust chamber, our business range also covers:

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Customization of inner chamber size and other specification is available upon request. Welcome to visit us.