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Rotork linear heavy duty actuator LA-2490 is belongs to Rotork linear heavy duty actuator LA-2000 series. features:
Permanently lubricated for any position mounting
Internal or remote mounted amplifier
Self-locking drive system to hold in last position and prevent backdriving up to thrust rating
AC input power(Siggle and three-phase) or DC input power versions
Wide ambient temperture range
Rotork linear heavy duty actuator LA-2000 series are self-contained,bi-directional,linear actuators internally geared to product up to 1,600 ibs.(7117N)of thrust,and offer continuous modulating duty up to 2,000 starts per hour.
Rotork linear heavy duty actuator LA-2000 are available with an internal amplifier.These amplifiers are all fullfeatured ac or dc switching devices designed to work seamlessly with the actuator for closed loop control.
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