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Grade: Stainless steel + aluminum
Thickness: 1mm+8mm+1mm
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Kun Liu Sheng
Model Number:
Type: Steel Plate
Technique: Hot Rolled
Surface Treatment: No.1/2B/BA/polish/mirror
Application: cooking utensil
Special Use: High-strength Steel Plate
Width: 800mm
Length: customized
Cladding material: SS 304 at both sides
Base Material: Aluminum 1050


Outstanding corrosion resistance, Higher fabrication yield, Lower processing rejects, High strength, High induction rate 

stainless steel/Aluminum clad plate  (304+AL1050+304) 1mm+8mm+1mm


Application :Premium cookware


Stainless steel clad aluminum is ideal for high-performance cookware. This engineered material is more economical than other material compositions and is formed using roll bonding or explosion bonding and thermal treatment process to produce a strong metallurgical bond. the bond strength between the stainless steel and aluminum layers is equal to the shear strength of the aluminum.Stainless clad layer also offers excellent vacuum integrity, as well as superior thermal and electrical conductivity.


key benefits

? Outstanding corrosion resistance
? Higher fabrication yield
? Lower processing rejects
? High strength
? High induction rate

Why choosing the stainless steel composite material
*SS304 is a kind of hygienic material and there won't be any polution migrate to the food , ensuring the health
cooking and no harm to human body.

*compare with the regular pure stainless steel, with the use of the aluminum,the composite material can

enhance the overall heat conductivity and uniform the heat of the pan.

*For five layers &seven layers cladding billet,the inner cladding part (al+cu+al) offer better

thermal conductivity and storage the heat, can save the heat energy.

*Aluminum alloy can provide better mechanical property to enhance the overall strength.

*The bottom layer material can be SS304 or SS430,depends on the heating type. SS 304 can not use the

electromagnetism heating. For SS 430, the heating types are various.