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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: ZQ
Model Number: ZCPOEI008
warranty: 12 months


Technical specifications
 Panel 8 integrating passive POE injector suitable for powering up to eight devices.

 The RJ45 connectors on one side are connected Ethernet ports with no power (switch) on the opposite side of the device used to connect power for Ethernet cable.

 Are used to power the two unused pairs of the Ethernet cable.
 Power couples: 4,5 (positive pole) / 7,8 (negative pole)



Product Specifications/Features
It is the 8 port passive POE injector hub. By using different power adaptors, it can flexibly supply 24VDC or 48VDC for most popular POE devices, such as wireless AP, IP CAM, or IP Phone. it offers both DC Jack (5.5*2.1mm) and terminal block (2 pins) for diverse power inputs and is convenient to install on desks or walls by mount holes.

* Economic POE solutio
* Detecting output power (30W Max)

* Flexible power (DC: 24V or 48V)

* Supporting 10/100Mbps 

* Power indication by LED

* Easy installation




 Remote routers, access points, and bridges


 Remote networking equipment


 Remote camera systems 


 Door Lock


 SOHO equipment


 IP phone systems




Customized designs are welcome.

OEM orders are also accepted. 



The poe injector does not include the power supply, such as 24v 60w, 24v 120w, 48v 30w, 48v 60w, 48v 120w, 56v 60w and 56v 120w etc.


The power supply is sold seperately.

How PoE works

A device needs power to operate.   Not volts or amps – power expressed as watts.

That power can be supplied at different voltages.   The electronics inside the device needs usually about 3.3 or 5 volts.  But at low voltages, the wires from power supply have a lot of loss beyond about 5 feet.   So for short distance power, most IP phones and Cameras are shipped with a 12v or 24v power supply because 12v supplies are cheap.   But these same devices, when powered via the Ethernet cable, use 48 volts.   This is the 802.3af standard voltage.    So a 12v 1 amp power supply for local power – when using PoE at 48v –  translates to 48v .25 amps for the same power