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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: RongDe
Model Number: Perforated Metal 01
Application: Fence
Material: ss wire , Galv wire
Wire Gauge: as requirement
Mesh Size: 1000mm x 2000mm 1220mm x 2440mm 1250mm x 2500mm
Hole Shape: Round
Surface Treatment: Galvanized
Technique: Perforated


The most common required material are as following: 
Carbon steel sheet 
Galvanized steel sheet 
Stainless steel sheet 
Aluminum sheet 
Aluminum zinc steel sheet 

Thickness or gauge for Perforated Metal Sheet 
Thickness of the metal sheets do not change during the perforation. Normally thickness is expressed in gauge. However, to avoid possible misunderstanding, we would suggest expressing them in inches or millimeters. 

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Width and length for Perforated Metal Sheet 
The most common width and length are as following 
1000mm x 2000mm 1220mm x 2440mm 1250mm x 2500mm 
1250mm x 6000mm 1500mm x 3000mm 1500mm x 6000mm 
Margins for Perforated Metal Sheet 
Margins are the blank (un-perforated) area along the edges of the sheet. Normally the margin on the length are 20mm minimum, and margin along the width can be 0 minimum or at customers' requests. 

Hole arrangement for Perforated Metal Sheet 
Round hole are normally arranged in 3 types: 
Other hole patterns and hole arrangements can be custom made. 
Round hole, 60° , staggered 
Round hole, 45° , staggered 
Round hole, straight row 

Cutting & folding for Perforated Metal Sheet 

Natural finish for Perforated Metal Sheet 
Most of the perforated sheets are required to be natural finish no matter what kind of material they are. 

Oil spraying or Perforated Metal Sheet 
Some customers prefer the carbon steel perforated sheets to be oil sprayed to avoid the possible rusting because of the moisture during the long time sea shipping. 

Powder coating for Perforated Metal Sheet 

Packing for Perforated Metal Sheet 
Wooden pallets. 1 ton - 2.5tons (2200 lbs to 5500 lbs) per pallet. Each pallet will be packed by plastic bag.

Plain Steel Perforated Metal    
Hole Diameter Staggered Centers Sheet Thickness Open Area  
0.045" 1.14mm 0.066?   0.033-0.039" 0.84-0.99mm 37.00%
1/16" 1.59mm 3/32" 0.027-0.033" 0.68-0.84mm 41.00%
1/16" 1.59mm 1/8" 0.027-0.066" 0.68-1.68mm 23.00%
5/64" 1.98mm 1/8" 0.027-0.053" 0.68-1.35mm 35.00%
0.081" 2.06mm 1/8" 0.053-0.066" 1.35-1.68mm 38.00%
3/32" 2.38mm 5/32" 0.053-0.066" 1.35-1.68mm 33.00%
1/8" 3.17mm 3/16" 0.027-0.127" 0.68-3.23mm 40.00%
5/32" 3.97mm 3/16" 0.027-0.066" 0.68-1.68mm 63.00%
3/16" 4.76mm 1/4" 0.027-0.127" 0.68-3.23mm 50.00%
1/4" 6.35mm 3/8" 0.033-0.111" , 0.25" 0.84-2.82mm, 6.35mm 40.00%
3/8" 9.52mm 1/2" 0.053-0.082" , 3/16" 1.35-2.08mm, 4.76mm 51.00%
3/8" 9.52mm 9/16" 0.059" , 0.119" 1.50mm, 3.02mm 40.00%
1/2" 12.70mm 11/16" 0.033-0.127" , 3/16" 0.84-3.23mm, 4.76mm 48.00%
1/4" Hex 6.35mm Hex 0.285 0.027-0.033 0.68-0.84mm 76.00%
  9.52mm Sq.   Cane?   0.053-0.066" 1.35-1.68mm 51.00%