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Model Number: ED1-4907
Brand Name: KDE
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Magnetic Card/RF Mifare Card Motorised Reader/Writer/Encoder


       1.1. Overview

This model is a motorized insertion type magnetic stripe and IC card reader/writer with RS-232C interface

that is to encode/decode data on 1/2/3 track of magnetic stripe card and IC card in  accordance with

ISO 7811/7816.

EDM-4906/7 supports T=0 protocol and T=1protocol.

It also supports EMV protocol with Interface Module (KID-5000).

1.2. Features

              1.2.1. Mechanically designed for robust body structure to meet industrial standard

1.2.2. Encode/decode data on ISO 1, 2, 3 tracks of magnetic stripe card

1.2.3. Shutter mechanism with pre-head and sensors is provided.

- Closed shutter detection sensor : Confirm the detection of shutter blade's operation

- Card width sensor : Confirm the width of inserted card as standard.

- Magnetic stripe detection : A pre-head located at ISO track 2&3 position detects magnetic stripe.

1.2.4. When the power is turned on, if a card is inside of EDM-4905, it will be stay.

1.2.5. When the power is turned off, if a card is inside of EDM-4905, it will be stay.

1.2.6. Communication performed by asynchronous or synchronous with interface in IC card 8 points of

chip-contact pin move down individually and fully contact on chip surface regardless of bended card in

accordance with the contact location and transitional contacts location in ISO 7816

1.2.7. Card is to be returned automatically in case the pin can not be fully contacted on IC due to


              1.2.8. Support  both protocol T=0 ,T=1

              1.2.9. Include a sub board which is KID-4000 to support the EMV IC card protocol.